Running…no pain, no gain!

Well, I recently started a running program. Trying to get back in shape after a few years of being lax. I had valid reasons for being so, but still….I was an athlete in my youth and have always exercised in some way. I was in the best shape of my life at 34 – now 6 years later I have 30 pounds to lose! Turning 40  didn’t help me either. Now I must admit I didn’t watch what I ate, often ate for ’emotional reasons’ and didn’t exercise, but it has really taken its toll. Add to the fact I’ve been taking medication that basically puts my metabolism at zero and there you have it: 40 pounds (I’m giving myself a more reasonable goal than 40 to lose) just crept up on me.

I went running tonight in the rain – the first time. My ‘runner’ friends told me running in the rain is great. I didn’t believe them until I did it. Somehow the rain, the wind, I don’t know, you feel like you have to ‘beat’ the elements and press on. My program is very accessible (thanks France) and hopefully next year I’ll be able to run 10 km without dying. This interval program is great – so I run 3 times a week. It’s good because I choose when. I try to go every 2 days or so, but I really like the flexibility. And what’s even better is the fact that at my new job, I’m not exhausted upon arriving home from work; I’m actually motivated! And running just before supper is great because after the run I’m less hungry…tonight I was hungry before my run, but once finished, felt full. I guess it was the water. I ate a salad and some spaghetti sauce (homemade by me) – I know what you’re thinking but I’ve been craving meat this week – and feel satisfied. So it’s all good.

I’ll go again on Friday – already looking forward to it. And I have yoga tomorrow – a colleague is giving us yoga classes at lunchtime for a very reasonable price. I’m hoping this will keep me balanced and tone up my old muscles! And the benefits on my mind are fantastic. I’m calm these days, calmer than I’ve been in a long time…another great thing!



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