finding inner peace…..

How important is this? In my opinion, inner peace is the KEY to happiness in your life. I have spent many years with much inner turmoil, self-loathing (and being in denial about them)  but am happy to say that for a good six months now, I have found a state of peace that is profound and real.

What ‘woke me’ up? Getting sick (depression) in  2007, then deciding I had to somehow get out of the self-destructive rut I was in. So I started reading about meditation, practising it, reading Deepak Chopra and other experts on this phenomenon, and being AWARE. Thanks to Eckhart Tolle for that one! I no longer get my underwear in a knot over the small stuff; I try to see things in the “big picture”. Doing this has made and kept me calm.

I also recently changed jobs – left a job I loved because I couldn’t keep or maintain anything that remotely resembled any ‘inner peace’ – I was fortunate enough to find a new job that allows me to do what I love yet have a more balanced lifestyle. No more roller coaster days, (well I may have some, from time to time, but before it was constant) just doing a good job at a healthy pace. I wish such a luxury to you all…..

Finally, I recently found my ‘soul mate’ – and have found such a profound connection with him that calms me in a way I cannot describe. I have never, ever been this calm inside. I am excited but yet calm. 🙂

So if you are on a quest for such a feeling, I suggest you check out the following:

– anything by Eckhart Tolle (Oprah loves him!)

– anything by Deepak Chopra

– The Omega Institute

Good luck to you….



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