helping others

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, actually it is. However, we don’t do this enough, and some people don’t allow those of us who want to, to do it.

Helping others is the most unselfish act a person can do. It is rewarding for the person who does it, and appreciated by the person who receives it. Well, most people do, at least that’s what I like to believe. I know that I have had trouble, in the past, accepting help. Why? Many different reasons: not believing anyone would want to help me, feeling too proud to ask, telling myself, ‘I can do it’, you know the drill. It took me a long time to understand that the person who helps out generally does it sincerely, without wanting anything in return. At least, that’s how I am. I expect nothing back from those I help because I sincerely want to do it…..I feel happy knowing I have made someone’s life a little easier, even if for a minute or two.

Today I helped out someone who is very important to me – he, at first, was not really open to the idea, thinking the same reasons I mentioned above. I unagressively offered my help and after a while, he accepted. While he was nothing but nice to me, he was so mad at himself. He kept saying ‘I’m sorry’ – but I answered, with a smile: ‘Cheri, if the tables were turned, wouldn’t you be helping me out’? He grinned and said’ ‘Yeah…’ So there you have it…. a simple answer….

So if ever you offer your help, feel good about it. If you are the person on the receiving end of this help, ACCEPT it with a smile, tell the person you appreciate their gesture (but don’t be a drama queen) and ENJOY being taken care of….believe me, you deserve it!



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