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the importance of friends

It’s late, I have to work in the morning, but I’m wide awake…I feel so blessed these days and I have to write about it. I am usually a pretty happy and appreciative person, be it towards things or people. However, I must admit that people are more important than things to me.(and believe me, I REALLY like nice things!) In this past week, my friends have been especially kind and generous, more than I almost ever thought possible. Some have been generous with ‘things’ I need, others have been generous with their words and some, and these are VERY special people, have been so generous with both. And I’m realizing although both are important in life, it’s the ‘non-tangible’ things that win out. As far as receiving ‘non tangible’ gifts,well this week has been like Christmas times 10.

I have never been that close to my family, so my friends, for as long as I can remember, have been extremely important to me; they affect how I feel, what I do, the person I strive to be. I’ve had my ups-and-downs in friendships but now, in 2010, my ‘real’ friends are the most precious gifts I have received. They love me unconditionally, they make me smile, and I know, deep down, that they are there for me…no matter what! They want nothing but my well-being and happiness and just by ‘being themselves’ enrich my life enormously. If any of “you” read this, please know how much I value your love and friendship and that I will NEVER, ever take it for granted, not even for one minute. I have been through a rough couple of years, and those that have stood by me, through thick and thin, have helped me become the peaceful person I am today.

This week has been even more special because without knowing it, my friends have come through so unselfishly and so naturally for me. Be it a kind word, a short ‘cou-cou’ in an email, or a phone call, my friends have been my wings, my safety net. All this without me having to beg or plead for it. They just sort of seem to know what I need and immediately oblige. That, is the most precious gift of all. If I had to measure my ‘richness in the friendship department’ right now, I would easily say I am a ‘gazillionaire’! Honestly and truly. Words cannot express how ‘full’ I feel and how loved I feel….despite my short-comings, my faults and everything else.

Now I know some will say, ‘It’s easy to be your friend, you give so much back’…..maybe. But I know that most people do not have the ‘I’ve got your back’ people that I do, nor in the numbers I do. I used to think that family did that; I have understood how wrong I was. Now I’m not saying my family wouldn’t help me in a time of crisis, but never would they be so accepting, giving and non-judgemental. My friends focus on the positive, give me supportive words, and help me ‘be’. I am absolutely blessed.

So think about your ‘I’ve got your back’ friends, and if you haven’t told them lately how much you love and appreciate them, DO IT NOW! You can do it in many ways, subtle or not-so-subtle…but please, do it.

I humbly hope that if any of my special friends read this post, they’ll know who they are….if not sure, ask me! But you are a group of phenomenal women, and because of you, I would not be the happy, at peace and content woman I am today. Thank you for who you are, what you are and what you believe in.




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